Why Choose Koala?

koala1Choosing an SEO company is a VERY important decision.  Did you know that poor SEO techniques can actually HURT your online visibility instead of help you?  Yep that’s right…you could actually pay another company good money to hurt your business!!  Sounds crazy but it happens ALL THE TIME.

While nobody can promise any specific placement on a page for a specific keyword phrase, we CAN promise you the following:

  1. Money Back Guarantee – if we don’t get you MULTIPLE first page listings in the major search engines within 90 days of the SEO launch, we will give you your money back! (although we’ve NEVER had to do that)
  2. 15 Years Experience – Our tech team is the BEST and knows the ins and outs of SEO at the highest level
  3. 100% Success Rate in getting business we work for on the front page
  4. No Contract – This is a month to month service and you can stop anytime.
  5. Published Pricing – There’s no “quoting” per say like other companies, it’s all on our website
  6. 100% USA Based – No farming out to foreign countries like many SEO companies

Call us today at 440-663-1888 for your free website analysis from one of our experts!

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