What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and basically means getting your website found for FREE (ie organically instead of “paying per click”) with Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.  When someone searches for your product or service the idea is to get you listed first (or on the first search page) in front of your competitors.

There is TREMENDOUS financial value and return on investment to quality SEO as it can bring customers to your site around the clock (24/7) because the internet never sleeps!

Here’s how a Google search works:

Search engine optimization stuff is common sense if you know the rules of search engines. Yes, it’s technical in nature for the average business owner but every day we talk to people that say, why is “he” on the front page when I run a superior operation? The reason is simple, the search engines don’t know you and they don’t know you provide a better service or product than the other guy. All they have to go by is what you tell them. What you tell them is in the form of your website. If you don’t tell them much or what you do tell is hard for them to understand, you don’t get a very good score so you don’t get very good placement in the search engines.

The search engines are machines, they don’t know you and they can’t see you. If all you give them is images on your site and you don’t label them properly, you’re invisible to them! You may have just spent $5K-$10K on your new site design but if the search engines don’t like, who is going to see it? Having great search engine placement is all about having relevance within your site.

Within your coding or your infrastructure, your on-page content, your link popularity and your traffic rank. You are not going to see the full potential of what your site can do for your bottom line until these four key elements have been addressed. That is what we specialize in. No matter what the search engines have thrown at us (because their rules DO change), our core values for our optimizations have never let us down. Our SEO department has optimized over 11,000 pages for clients and they have not seen one instance where existing placement was not dramatically improved and non-existent placement became great placement in multiple search engines.

If you are paying-per-click now for your search engine traffic, there is an alternative that is a more affordable solution to search engine traffic and provides a better return on your investment overall. If you are going to sell Halloween masks the months of September and October, then PPC is perfect for you; but if you are in business to generate revenue month after month, year after year, go with natural search engine placement and stop fighting with the sharks who are clicking your ad so it will expire and they can move up! You need a permanent solution that natural placement provides. That’s what we do!