Facebook Marketing Done Right

Proper Ad Creation

The ad creation is key.  If people don’t click on your ad or it doesn’t convert into leads and sales, you’re wasting your money.

Search And Target

There’s no other website in the WORLD that can target your perfect customer like Facebook.

Test And Control

Testing ads and controlling the ad spend is vital to not wasting money and getting the best ROI.

Scaling For Dollars

Once you find the campaign strategy that works through good testing, it’s time to SCALE and GROW like never before.

Google Pros

Google’s paid advertising platform call Adwords has been around a LONG time.  It has done wonderful things for a lot of businesses but can often be seen as VERY expensive and limiting.  You can pay from pennies to HUNDREDS of dollars just for a click.  There is HUGE exposure with Google as it is the most used search engine in the WORLD

Google’s organic search is still the king of Non-Paid advertising.  When people look for a product or service they go to Google first and 80% of the time they go to the organic listings and not the paid ads.

Facebook Pros

Facebook on the other hand has a GINORMOUS audience that is growing by the minute.  The great thing about Facebook is that people tell Facebook tons of information about themselves that Google does not know.  This allows such targeted marketing to take place that the ROI and conversion rates are typically much higher with Facebook.

Most users on Facebook are mobile users.  The Facebook news feed that people typically look at multiple times a day, takes up the entire screen for a mobile user.  When you place an ad on someone’s news feed they HAVE to look at it.  It can’t be ignored.  Whether they click on it or not depends on the message and quality of the ad.  At least you know they see it.  This is very different from Google Adwords where ads are often just ignored..not to mention they have no pictures like a Facebook ad does.


Overall, the best plan of attack can often depend on your business.  Most often a quality Google SEO optimization to get listed in the organic section of Google combined with a targeted Facebook Ads campaign will net the best results.  One of the two can often do the trick, but for the best BANG, the combination of the two can be FANTASTIC!  For this we recommend Koala’s Market Domination Program.

Why Facebook?

Facebook is the KING of social media.  They have over 1.09 BILLION users who tell Facebook nearly EVERYTHING about themselves.  This allows marketers to target them as customers like nothing else in the history of marketing has ever been able to.

facebook shopWhat is a Facebook Campaign?

When you utilize Facebook marketing with Koala Internet Marketing we develop the entire campaign for you.  This includes research about your business, industry and target market for starters.  This is NOT social media management or blog posting.  This is WAY more powerful.

 Marketing is ALWAYS about targeting.  Blindly spending advertising dollars to the wrong audience is always a recipe for DISASTER!  You don’t want to spend money on ads to people who have NO INTEREST in your product or service whatsoever.  We have a solution:

Here’s how we build your campaign:

  1. Research

  2. Develop Facebook target audience

  3. Develop ads and ad copy

  4. Develop sales funnel to capture email addresses and convert leads (VALUABLE!)

  5. Test ads with SMALL advertising spend

  6. Adjust campaign and retest if necessary

  7. Scale what works

  8. Watch the leads flood your email INBOX!

  9. Manage the campaign daily

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